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Collection Attorneys - Lake County, Illinois

Our collection attorneys handle delinquent consumer and commercial accounts receivable in Lake County, Illinois. As Lake County collection attorneys,we are highly proficient in the collection and litigation of bad debt claims. Each and every bad debt claim placed with our firm is handled professionally and expeditiously utilizing our proven collection techniquesand strategy as seasoned collection attorneys. Satisfied clients from around the world use our collection and legal services in Lake County and we can provide the same for your company's bad debt claims. 


Our collection fees are based on a small but reasonable contingency percentage of the money that we collect for the client. The firm's collection and litigation services extend from Lake County throughout the State of Illinois, so our collection attorneys can provide service for your delinquent collection claims no matter where your debtors are located throughout the state. If you prefer, we can handle the collection of your bad debt receivables on an hourly basis.

The attorneys at our firm are very experienced and effective collection professionals. Our proficiency in debt collection and litigation provides your company with quality legal representation in a court of law when necessary and is paramount in the recovery of your bad debt claims. Our collection attorneys have been providing successful debt collection services for clients, whether large or small, in Lake County, Illinois for many years.

In order to maximize the recovery of your Lake Countybad debt claims, it is essential that your claims are given immediate attention and handled efficiently and effectively. It is the belief of our collection attorneys and staff that our collection firm is one of your very best options to collect bad debt claims in Lake County, Illinois. 

The Spilotro Law Group, LLC, fully complies with the Illinois Collection Laws and the Fair DebtCollection Practices Act (FDCPA) with respect to the collection of consumer claims. Our collection attorney practice has been streamlined to collect your Lake County bad debt claims quickly, professionally and diplomatically.

The collection and legal services that are provided by our attorneys and staff with respect to your Lake County debtors will exceed your expectations in many ways. Along with the use of technology to help manage and administer many aspects of the receivables that you have placed with us, our firm employs some of the most seasoned collection attorneys available in the Lake County area. 

Our collection firm provides premium collection and legal servicesfor our valued clients in conjunction with rock solid legal support. If you have bad debt claims in Lake County that you need collected by true professionals, the Spilotro Law Groupstandsready to serve you.

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6160 North Cicero Avenue - Suite 650, Chicago, IL  60646 Office: 773.451.9191

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